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Which casual shoes should I buy, brown or black?

I am going to buy a pair of Born %26quot;Solo%26quot; casual shoes, but I%26#039;m not sure which color I should get. I will be wearing them with jeans or khakis and t-shirts or button down long-sleeve shirts. I also wear a black leather jacket sometimes and I%26#039;m not sure if brown shoes go fine with that.

Is one of the two colors more versatile than the other, or would either black or brown go equally well with what I%26#039;ll be wearing them with? (I already have a pair of black Ecco dress shoes for dressier occasions.)

Which casual shoes should I buy, brown or black?
I%26#039;d go with black, since it will match with more outfits than brown. The brown looks really nice though too, but especially since you have a black jacket, I think you would be able to get more use out of them.
Reply:get black. with brown it can be hard to match things with, but black is VERY easy. go with black for simplicity%26#039;s sake.
Reply:black. bcauze they match with everything. *well, mostly everything*.
Reply:black would be simply stunning. Aaron!
Reply:u should get the black ones since you have a black leather jacket, plus black will go with anything u have in your closet, u could always go back and get the browns ones later
Reply:Black is the best colour for casual
Reply:They both would look good, but I like a dark brown shoe.
Reply:i say black because it goes with everything where as brown can be if-y with some outfits
Reply:I would get black, they are more versatile and more formal if need be.
Reply:Black because it goes with anything you wear.
Reply:It doesn%26#039;t matter what the shoes look like. If you are a man of style then you will have many shoes of many styles with varying colors and texture. When you dress up to go out what you wear depends upon where you are going, who you are going with and what mood you are in or want to be in. When it comes to fashion we can never spend enough. Just buy everything that appeals to your inner sense of who and what you are and you will become a chick magnet even if you are just average looking because women are very perceptive and appreciate class.
Reply:i%26#039;ll go with black because it goes with everything but if u say u already got black shoes then i%26#039;ll go with the brown ones because u may need to them someday and u already have black ones

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Can I wear leather shoes with a satin dress?

We%26#039;re going on a cruise and I have an Asian inspired silvery/gray satin dress to wear for our formal dinner night. I have decided I want to wear red shoes and bought a pair yesterday that were red satin. They%26#039;re very cute, but being satin I can only wear them as special occasion shoes. So I was thinking about looking for a pair of red leather peep toe shoes that I could wear anytime, but can I wear red leather (which to me seems more casual) with the satin dress?

Can I wear leather shoes with a satin dress?
if it was a sillouhets or a pair of sandals then its cool, but leather shoes covering ur whole foot then its w total No-No..satin means elegance so u can;t wera a casual thing with satin it will ruin ur look...if u didnt have any then better wear a flip flop rather than a pair of shoes!!! plus red doesn%26#039;t go with silver but if it was a varnet silver then its cool. but black ones its better as it will look good with all kinds out outfits (workwear, night-outing, dressed up, prom, wedding) and suits almost all colors so u don%26#039;t buy red and wear it in occasions...i bought a new black peep toe shoes from prettyfit maybe u could find one over there. hope this helped
Reply:Not really, you could wear a silver leather strappy sandal though, but your first thought was correct, red leather is too sporty.

One of the joys of shoes, if you are into them, is that they tend to be specific.
Reply:you should wear sandles :)

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Where's the best place to buy men's shoes (smart casual) in Sydney?

I looking for leather shoes to wear to work in office situation. Not sneakers. Any not smart dress up expensive shoes.

Where%26#039;s the best place to buy men%26#039;s shoes (smart casual) in Sydney?
Paddy%26#039;s Markets or The Shoe Warehouse-In Euston Rd Alexandra.
Reply:I must say that mens shoes are hard to find in sydney but try oxford street, paddington and walk the length. there%26#039;s a shop called Bastani%26#039;s which has some nice leather shoes - not expensive at all and there are a few other shops there that have some good shoes that aren%26#039;t expensive. also look in the mens clothing shops as they often sell shoes as well. oh yeah and also go into apex shoes in paddington as well. good luck.

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Are Vegan (leather-free) men's dress shoes available with Velcro?

I%26#039;m looking for some dress (business-casual) shoes, appropriate from work. My current shoes are by SAS, with Velcro -- and they%26#039;re perfect except that I would like to find a pair of shoes with synthetic leather this time. I wear roughly a US size 10-1/2, probably on the wider side. Something like the Kelsey Shoe by Vegetarian Shoes, but with Velcro, would be great.

Ideally, they would look and feel similar to leather (I.E. not stand out when going on job interviews etc).

Cost is not a huge concern, as long as the general price range isn%26#039;t too far over $100.

Are Vegan (leather-free) men%26#039;s dress shoes available with Velcro?
try veganwares.com

they do mailorder from australia.
Reply:i think so
Reply:who knows

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Men's Shoes Casual Chic Outfit?

Hi everyone! I%26#039;m trying to figure out this %26quot;Smart Casual/ Dressy Casual/ Casual Chic%26quot; look which seems to be norm in clubs these days. All the fashion conscious people out there, please help!

I need to know if the shoes I have can work with, say, blue jeans, a button down dress shirt and sport jacket.

The shoes I have are

1) Black leather dress shoes http://www.hushpuppies.com/en-US/Product...

2) Dark tan boots


I feel the black dress shoes might be too dressy because of the pointy toes. What do you people think?

Men%26#039;s Shoes Casual Chic Outfit?
The black shoe does seem a bit dressy. The brown shoe could work depending on how much was covered by the pant leg. I thinks it%26#039;s a bit more out door-ish though. Something like this would work perfectly. I bought my hubby some black ones. I love the look your going for, I hope you get it taken care of.



Mens dressy casual shoes for 20 year old?

I was wondering what were some nice shoes that were a bit dressier than sneakers but not a lace up leather dress shoe. Im 20 and im talking like a shoe a could wear on a date with a nice shirt and pants or even jeans. What do the ladies prefer? I have more casual shoes, but im looking for something a bit nicer-yet not something that i could wear with a suit.

Mens dressy casual shoes for 20 year old?
Timberlands! so many styles and colors.. and theyre casual and classy at the same time! check em out!

http://www.timberland.com/home/index.jsp... page)

http://www.timberland.com/family/index.j... (casual section)

they look great with jeans and button up shirts! you could dress them up or down.. try them! Good luck finding good shoes and good luck on your date!
Reply:Wear Clarks brand Wallabees...
Reply:ok the best thing you could go with is Vans. They%26#039;re very sylish and not too fancy or sporty. They%26#039;re really comfortable too. hope your date goes well!

Reply:you can%26#039;t go wrong with athletic-inspired tennis shoes or a driving moc. both can be worn with dark jeans, a button-up shirt, and sweater or blazer for a casual/dressy look. check out the pics. also, converse all-stars in grey or dark brown are great too.





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If I buy a pair of brown casual shoes (Doc Martens for example), would they go with my black leather jacket?

No! You%26#039;re best of matching (belt to shoes to jacket!). Go all brown or all black, don%26#039;t mix and match! :)

If I buy a pair of brown casual shoes (Doc Martens for example), would they go with my black leather jacket?
Usually it is a no-no to wear brown shoes with a black top, but for casual wear, it%26#039;s really no big deal. I have a pair of brown birkenstocks and i wear them with everything, including my black jackets. Just don%26#039;t try the brown shoes/black top look when dressing up for a party!
Reply:No way! However if they do have a brown sole (outer rim) then yes they would, but I would not recommend it.
Reply:Not really, no.
Reply:No. The Doc%26#039;s you want that go with your black leather jacket are the 20 eye steel toed boots in black.

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